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A bright, fresh style.
Age range: 25 to 35

Grace Cantrell
From a soft, illuminating vocal style to a powerful, engaging performance.
Age range: 38 to 50

Lyn McManus
A wonderful vocal quality that communicates simple or complex thoughts with great ease.
Age range: 40 to 50

Susan Meadows
Optimistic, gentle, and sincere.
Age range: 35 to 45

Karen Saltus
A smooth style in a range of deliveries from corporate to sensitive, concerned to lighthearted.
Age range: 35 to 50

Jen Sweeney
The sound of honey over a touch of gravel.
Age range: 25 to 45

Mare Carmody
Knowledgeable voice with skillful interpretations.
Age range: 31 to 55

Heather Costa
A unique, cheerful voice.
Age range: 21 to 35

From warm to passionate reads. She brings technical copy to life.
Age range: 35 to 45

Kelley Buttrick
Sunny and positive, yet unendingly professional.
Age range: 20 to 40

Melanie Haynes
Distinct and classy yet friendly and personable.
Age range: 50 to 60

Gina Rose
Natural and conversational. From hip and spunky, to sage advice from a friend, to smart and sexy.
Age range: 24 to 42

Bobbin Beam
Completely believable delivering any message, whether it's informational or persuasive.
Age range: 31 to 45

Nancy McLemore
Delightful voice with a natural yet compelling range of deliveries.
Age range: 45 to 55

Whitney Moore
A hip, dynamic voice with a likable conversational style.
Age range: 25 to 35

Trustworthy, knowledgeable and genuine.
Age range: 31 to 45

Bobbi Owens
African American, warm and professional.
Age range: 23 to 55

Chloe Taylor
A laid back ultra-conversational style
Age range: 25 to 35

Kiley Ayliffe
Heartfelt, conversational, and perceptive.
Age range: 20 to 30

Bailee Collins
Cool, friendly rasp. Information with an edge.
Age range: 22 to 30

Jessica Gee
Distinctive, authoritative, smart, and believable.
Age range: 31 to 45

Rebecca Story
Gentle and caring; a voice with a smile.
Age range: 41 to 63

Amy Taylor
A professional, but relatable delivery.
Age range: 32 to 44

Friendly energetic girl next door, soft introspective, or anything in between.
Age range:

Wendy Zier
Inviting and fresh with a delectable raspy quality.
Age range: 28 to 38

Kitzie Stern
A delectable voice with broad appeal.
Age range: 45 to 55

Catherine Smith
A warm, professional voice, with a clean, clear delivery style.
Age range: 31 to 40

Lisa Luck
Exuberant older teen or 20-something spokesperson
Age range: 18 to 27

Angel Tolentino
Friendly, youthful, and upbeat.
Age range: 25 to 35

Showing 1 - 29 of 29 artists

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