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Jaz Adams
You write it...he reads it...your client loves it!
Age range: 21 to 30

Jason Jones
All-American, hip, slick, and natural.
Age range: 25 to 35

Josh Millman
Cool and confident with an edge,
Age range: 20 to 36

Jon Ruhff
Young, enthusiastic and always keeps it sounding real.
Age range: 19 to 30

Grant George
Young and witty with original styles and great imagination.
Age range: 28 to 35

Jason Rooney
Uber cool, natural rasp.
Age range: 25 to 45

Shane Wells
Cool, not too exciteable, real
Age range: 18 to 30

Thomas Clark
Versatile stylings with a range from college student to hip hop artist.
Age range: 22 to 30

Dan Friedman
Cool, hip and edgy... without all the hype.
Age range: 28 to 35

Justin Gross
Straightforward and unaffected with a laid-back style all his own.
Age range: 25 to 32

Chris Porter
Animated and fun with a superb sense of timing.
Age range: 28 to 38

Low-key and understated hipster conversationalist.
Age range: 25 to 35

A likeable voice with a great conversational tone.
Age range: 25 to 35

Conor White
A good kid, all grown up.
Age range: 19 to 27

Daniel Rose
Suburban star with a satisfying sincereity.
Age range: 17 to 26

Cameron Gregg
Engaging, likeable and intelligent. Just a couple of years passed a well-behaved childhood.
Age range: 17 to 25

Showing 1 - 16 of 16 artists

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