Retrieve all your ProComm project info online.

ProFile is like having your own personal filing cabinet on the web. Everything you’ve ever done with us is retrievable. That means audio files, plus information like voice talent names, production dates, music titles, sound effects...even invoices for current and past jobs. Fast, free, and secure.

Want to know what voice talent you used on a spot four months ago?

Easy ... you can access important information on all of your ProComm voice-over projects. See spot titles, announcers, production dates, music titles, sound effects usage, etc. Not just current jobs, but past jobs as well!

Search for any job you've ever done with ProComm.

Use Talent Name, Invoice Number, Job Date or Client Name and quickly find any job ever done with ProComm. Your tape logs are instantly available. *

Not sure about a line item on a previous invoice?

No problem ... Once you've found the job through our search page, just click on the invoice number to see (and print) the invoice for any jobs you've done with ProComm. **

You have access to all audio files for at least 3 years from the post date!

With ProComm's ProFile service your FTP folder is private. And don't worry about re-posting fees. Your files stay on our site! ***

Contact your ProComm account manager to start using ProFile today!

There is no charge for ProFile. Online files are updated daily. Invoice detail is available online as soon as the charges for your job have been reviewed by us for accuracy. Typically a couple of days after the session.

* after March, 1999. ** after July, 2000. *** after July, 2001.